If you're not damaged, then see your way out of my med bay before I throw you out. I'm a busy mech and I don't have time to play.


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his crime is being a terrible Megatron

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I know you said you're not going to die. And I don't think you're lying. But please, /please/ don't die.
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I have obligations to uphold for Ironhide; I have no plans on dying anytime soon.


I just—I don’t know. I wanna kick myself sometimes.

Everyone is prone to mistakes, Wheeljack. Punishing yourself for it will help no one in this situation. The best you can do is realize what happened and move on with an effort not to recreate it.

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I acknowledge you are one of the few Decepticons to engage me in combat when the opportunity rises Knock Out.

Though such battles are short-lived…


I think I’ve been stunned to silence.


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Maybe… Doc deserves way better though.

That is for him to decide.

And he chose you.

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Idunno why I keep… bein’ a fraggin’ idiot. For no reason.

Bah. Thanks.

I prefer to say you’re having a difficult learning experience.

The important thing is you’re persevering.

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a-good-distraction replied to your post:
He… uh—I told everyone that he frags my brains out every other night and he got mad that I was tellin’ so he told me I was rechargin’ on the floor, and then one thing led to another and I kinda told him to go have fun bitchin’ about me with Magnus.


You act similar to myself in this scenario. I am always open of such intricate details naturally, it comes with my practice. Ironhide of course dislikes it. We’ve had quite the number of arguments over the matter but I’ve decided it’s simply easier to adhere to what he is discomforted by than force him to apply my ideals to himself.

I might suggest simply finding a moment together and apologizing for what you said, now that you’re aware he dislikes such information being spread. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our partners is respecting their boundaries where they are and doing our best not to cross it. In this case, your Ratchet prefers his privacy and was trusting you to keep it that way.

Help him around the lab — and I do mean help. If you’re anything like Ironhide, breaking our tools and equipment while moving them is not precisely “help”.

Help, Doc and I had a fight.
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And what did you two argue over this time, hm?



I engaged Optimus Prime in combat more than any other Decepticon, short of Megatron.

I doubt that counts as retreating.

Oh wonderful.

You took on one of the most kind-sparked enemies in your universe. Congratulations.

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doktorsterben replied to your post:
I survived our race’s near extinction, I doubt that counts as fragile.

The act of retreating and hiding behind the next biggest mech does not count as “surviving” I’m afraid.

You're going to die, isn't that wonderful news?
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Not before I take you out.

so uh... you and ironhide interface? I didn't take Ironhide for the type to be on the receiving end.
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Yes, sometimes…

Linear thinking will get you nowhere in life.


Cause’ it’s…y’know. It’s. The birds. And the bees!

Couldn’t you just google search this or something? Here, I looked it up for you and even saved you the trouble.

"According to some, the birds and the bees is a metaphorical story sometimes told to children in an attempt to explain the mechanics and consequence of sexual intercourse. According to that story the birds are like men and the bees like women: Birds are free to fly wherever they like, but bees are enslaved to a single queen their entire life and their whole life is dedicated to keeping her alive. Bees pollinate flowers, birds spread the seed, men impregnate eggs, women give birth. Sex is key for survival of both"

Have fun with that.

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I wasn’t, but thanks for telling me more than I wanted to know. Again.

Well then shoot. What do you wanna know?

Why do you call it the “Birds and the Bees”? It makes no sense biologically; from my research, they are entirely different species and cannot procreate together in the first place. Which makes me continue to wonder how this saying came to be?

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